Monday, November 28, 2005


Gawker's Team Party Crash was at the scene of the crime last Tuesday for the launch party. Not only did they snap my picture (with Ben Simington at my side), but they published it. Not as the headline photo (that 'honor' went to Heidi from Quarterslot) but just below the 1 paragraph of text.

Also a nice picture of Mr. Michael Leviton (also of the spectacular La Laque) manning the decks downstairs (and very well, I might add).

I spent most of the night listening to bands play or Michael DJ downstairs, so I missed talking to my favorite NYC DJ/crush upstairs, but was able to take some nice photos of my own. Of two bands I really liked: first, the impressive Fresh Kills for their Wire-y sound, and then Ms. Quarterslot herself for her photogenic erotic intensity. Check my pix at Flickr.

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Anonymous said...

Man oh man oh man, Mr. Dave. Has anyone ever told you how cute you are?