Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Pete L'Official Line of the Day (Monday edition)

Seriously, he's the fucking champ:
"Less a song than a rebuttal to the prosecution, "Exodus" proves three things: 1) "Ja" is not short for Johnnie Cochran, 2) Johnnie Cochran is dead, and 3) Murder Inc.'s Irv and Chris Gotti are totally fucked."

though it was very nearly rivaled/surpassed by this comment left on the blog of everywheregirl Ultragrrrl:
"you just have reasonably commendable musical taste for everything that has been recorded since 1980 by dudes in eyeliner, but i think this stuff shakes it out just as hard." - lewi | 11.14.05 - 4:21 pm

Tuesday's Pitch was weak-witted (no Official P in sight), so here's the best I've got:
"The Strokes recently completed the video for First Impressions of Earth’s first single, "Juicebox". Far more entertaining than the song itself, the clip features David Cross as a clueless radio disc jockey, hot guy-on-guy and girl-on-girl action, and vomiting."
Really it's the "and vomiting" that makes it. But, I think vomiting is funny. as long as I'm not doing it.

EMI sent me an email because they have this "which rock star are you" game based on their catalogue... I got:
Pete Doherty
"Ok, you're ticking all the rock and roll boxes. You have been wild and wasted, you've been in trouble with the law and hang around with people who make a living from being beautiful. But without the tunes it's not big and not clever, so stop it right now."
and I thought Eddie Argos was harsh.

also, I finally got around to seeing some new movie trailers. the best:

Memoirs of a Geisha
I'm surprised by how excited I am to see this. Though the cast is... spectacular
Brokeback Mountain
Breakfast on Pluto
Neil Jordan directs Cillian Murphy in makeup in '70's Britain.
Match Point
My sources abroad tell me that this is perhaps the darkest, most psychologically adept movie of Woody Allen's career. For the 1st time in a long time it looks like he's doing a movie I would want to make and watch. (Plus, I'd go to the cinema to watch Scarlett Johansson make toast)
Also, The Libertine looks like it has potential... I mean, Johnny Depp and Sam Morton?

I also saw The Passenger the other day... which was cool, if not especially revelatory. there was lots to like about, to be sure. Maria Schneider's screen presence. the disorientation of the plot's first 15 minutes. The confusion over what inspires David Locke to become Robertson. And that gorgeous long take that is nearly the film's last shot, slowly moving toward and then through the window...

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