Thursday, March 23, 2006

Times takes over

Forget Pitchfork, today's Line of the Day is from the Old Gray Lady:

As the costumed dancers pranced, the glittery frontman, Casey Spooner, declared, "This war is ridiculous!" And while he may not be an expert on war, he's certainly an expert on ridiculous." – Kelefa Sanneh

I really dislike this man.

Here's the newest reason why.



Wednesday, March 22, 2006

This day just keeps getting better

Os Mutantes Reunion Coming to U.S.

07-21 New York, NY - Webster Hall!!!!! (and also to LA)

Basque Homeland, Liberty, and Safety

ETA announces a permanent ceasefire


El Pais (Spanish)

El Mundo (Spanish)

ETA's official statement (English translation)

eitb24 (English)

Gara (Spanish)

no links in Euskadi yet but some later I promise

the greatness of this news is impossible to overstate

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

democracy is in the streets, and in the universities, and the factories

check out the excellent (English-language) blog covering the protests of young workers in France against the new CPE legislation.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Basketball Upset Shocker!

Today I cut a basketball highlight of Wichita State vs. Tennessee.

Wichita State won the game in a big upset, but this is not important.
What is important - the Wichita State nickname is the 'Shockers'. Yes, their official nickname.
So I made sure to start off the highlight the only way I know how:
With a group of WSU cheerleaders DOING THE SHOCKER.

I wish I had a screen capture to show you. It was priceless.

I imagine you know what I mean, but just in case:

If you don't know what that's all about, then I can't help you.

Also, the headline on right now is: "Shockers are Sweet".
Oh those crazy college kids.

A special note to any of my bosses that may be reading this: Since most of America does not know anything about this, 'the Shocker' is not obscene. Shots of Shocker fans giving the Shocker have been all over ESPN, CBS, and any network running Wichita State highlights all season long (and probably for the last 5 years at least). Also, I challenge you to find a shot of cheerleaders or fans where they're NOT doing that gesture... good luck.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

natalie portman, gangsta rapper

Natalie Portman SNL Rap

No questions just watch it.

[lots of links are going down but search YouTube for "Natalie Portman SNL rap" and that'll do the trick]

Speaking of SNL rap hilarity: check it out, somebody made shirts inspired by Lazy Sunday (though I still prefer Johnny Cupcakes).

Also, saw the first 2 episodes of Entourage tonight (yes, for the first time). how good is that show!?!?

Zooey gets frisky

While looking for Oscar-related content Sunday night and Monday, I found an article on ABC news that talked about the Independent Spirit Awards, which they called the Anti-Oscars.

Here's a quote:

Actress Zooey Deschanel wore a short, colorful dress that she said was "maybe a little short for the Oscars."
No problem at the Indys, though.
"You can kind of slut it up, you know?" Deschanel said.

Zooey Deschanel (ODSBIS of 81) 'slutting it up,' and I'm not there to see it? Now I AM disappointed that I wasn't invited. At least my nemesis is no longer her boyfriend... but she was flirting with Benjamin MacKenzie (Ryan on The OC), which is both good and bad (good - she likes good TV; bad - Ben is probably hotter than me). At least the internet is so good for pictures.

Monday, March 06, 2006

The Return

After a long weekend of work work work...

Dave Should Get Out More is officially relaunching the (sporadic) Pitchfork Line of the Day Feature, brought out of hibernation by this gem:

"If this were the Suburbs, releasing a critically acclaimed debut album and getting tabbed as the second coming of Public Image Ltd. wouldn't be such a huge deal. You'd make yourself some mac and cheese, play a few rounds of Animal Crossing, and calmly plot out your next move.

But this is the Wilderness, people! It's kill or be killed!"

Wilderness is touring with - deep breath - Liars in Germany and the Parts and Labor in the US. some scattered dates with Deerhoof and with Black Dice. When I curate the 2014 All Tomorrow's Parties you will be able to see all these bands in one day... if you can't wait that long then you'll just have to follow Wilderness around on tour, then, won't you?

This book is currently blowing me away: Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood. Don't skip it.

Asobi Seksu opens for Serena Maneesh tonight here in NYC at the Bowery Ballroom. 50/50 you'll see me there.

Johnny Boy plays Live Sat April 1 at Stay Beautiful, Purple Turtle. Best name for a club I've ever heard.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Ian, Resurrected

Photo © Anton Corbjin

It's official: Sam Riley is playing Ian Curtis in the forthcoming film Control

Some excerpts from the memo I got:

"Sam Riley has been cast as lead singer Ian Curtis and Alexandra Maria Lara as his lover Annik on music video director Anton Corbijn's Control, his fact-based debut feature on UK post-punk band Joy Division.

It is a first big role for newcomer Riley – the troubled Curtis was in his early 20s when he committed suicide in 1980 – whereas Lara played Hitler's secretary in Downfall and has just finished work on Francis Ford Coppola's Youth By Youth alongside Bruno Ganz and Tim Roth.

It was already known that Samantha Morton would play Deborah Curtis, who wrote the book on which Matt Greenhalgh's script is based.

The Control team is still closing finance but hopes to being shooting in mid-2006 in Manchester, Macclesfield and other areas of England."

I am excited. Alexandra Platareanu will be great as Annik (she's originally Romanian, and that's her given name). If you haven't seen Downfall, here's what she looks like:

Talented, adorable, etc.

And, this new guy has definitely got the look.

Plus, Sam as Deborah... I get more excited about this by the day.