Saturday, December 03, 2005

A picture's worth

lots to say to make up for the last few empty days... expect a blitz of posts over the next couple of days

Shindig was pretty fun, even if Anton wasn't anything special on the decks. hanging out until after 4 at Motor City with Flute (and a guy who cooks some great eggplant) was also.

finally cracked open Nick Z's book (inspired by his presence at Motor City Wed night)... so far I like it a lot a lot.
Update:Forgot to mention that Nick was hanging with Zach from the Fresh Kills, who was rocking the soundsystem that night}

speaking of photos, I took a photo of Merlin with his camera in front of his face that i really like:

check out his blog

I need to be snapping more photos... it seems I've missed a lot
next up: ZX back in NYC for a record pre-release show

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