Friday, November 04, 2005

I Live By Night

Juelz Santana line of the day:
"When will Bush stop bombing these people?/ He won't, cause his father was evil/ It's in his blood/ Pardonin' people/ Pardon me people: we s'posed to follow these people?/ Ptttch."

Also, there is some seriously ridiculous (and hence appropriate) R. Kelly-related discourse in Interrobang (?!) #10

awesome amazing song/band discoveries of the week:
Latst year's 6-track album Circle Gets The Square was really great. catchy postpunk/newwave + My Bloody Valentine guitars with a dose of Walkmen piano/keys magic. Tracks I've heard - available at their website, among other places - from the forthcoming BROTHERS AND SISTERS, ALONE WE EXPLODE (Jan '06, Permafrost Records) are really very good (though I think I like the old tracks better?).

"Truth or Dare" by They Live By Night
cop it here (still?)
this song is totally on repeat in my head/ipod/life. it's the perfect pop song by way of heart-on-sleeve jagged/fuzzy guitars, Walkmen drums and magic backing vocal harmonies. This and the new Madonna are my favorite songs right now.

these days I only listen to music I can compare to the Walkmen.

later today: the Julez Santana/Walkmen comparison. I promise.

I keep forgetting that there's a Schiele exhibit up at NEUE GALERIE NEW YORK.

X to play a show in New York: 12-09 - Roseland Ballroom

David Cross's David Cross impersonator response.
I used to hate Gawker but they've been slowly winning me over for the last year and a half or so. But now that they've shown me this... I have officially come around. It's even funnier without sound... at least i think so - I haven't actually heard it yet.

Update: Gawker was right. the sound is essential.


TLBN said...

Dear Dave,

My name is Joel and I sing adn play guitar in They Live by Night. We're really happy to be on repeat in your life. It's funny you should write that entry on november 4th. It's my birthday, you see.

Yeah, The Walkmen! "The Rat".! Brilliant song. Great album. Hope to see you when we get to New York. Our EP will soon be distributed in the US via Parasol Records. Go get it. See you!

dave said...

Joel -

hey! thanks for stopping by. and happy birthday! i didn't know that it was the day i posted - funny.

i love the Walkmen and 'The Rat' is my favorite Walkmen song, by far; though in the right mood, "Rue The Day" comes close.

definitely let me know when you'll be in new york and i'll spread the word.

feel better