Wednesday, November 02, 2005

P-fork Line of the Day, 11.2.05

Today, a tie:

Choice A -

Speaking about Tony Conrad, the truly legendary experimental musician and filmmaker:
"Several Conrad ensembles featured some dude named John Cale, who co-founded some band called the Velvet Underground, which you may have heard "hip" people talking about at your local Urban Outfitters."

In context.

Choice B -

"Are bounds overstepped in calling Juelz Santana the best MC whose name rhymes with "bandana"? Think naught. Revel in it, despite (or because of) this: "I'm the shit/ Get me/ They can't get/ wit me/ I'm all that and a bag of chips(!)/ Yes, the chicks dig me.""

from today's review of the song "Pick It Up" by Juelz Santana [and featuring Lil Wayne]. by Pete L'Official (best psudeonym ever? or possibly just the odds-on fave for the Most Gangsta Pitchfork Name 2005)

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