Friday, December 09, 2005

Quarterslot redux

counting down
Last night I made it out to see Quarterslot again at the Delancey. I arrived early enough to see Ism (who was surprisingly un-boring, for maybe half of their songs), but that was by accident. I just didn't want to miss Quarterslot's show (and also wanted to make sure to score a pre-show brownie).

Heidi had asked me to come by and take some pictures, since she liked the ones I took from the MyOpenBar party. So I went, camera in hand.

I did take some pictures of Ism, and though I've gone on record as saying they bore me, the band isn't bad live. If I weren't such a been-there, done-that music snob I'd think it was a pretty good show. Their by-the-numbers Muse cover had me pretty interested, though not much else was really up my alley... I took some pictures of them... I especially like the drummer, making faces and rocking out behind the kit at the back of the stage.

Sometime after they finished I went to talk to Heidi... it was really an introduce-myself, since she didn't know me before seeing my photos. I started to do that but she interrupted with "I know who you are!" and gave me a big hug. She offered me a brownie - which I accepted, but not before snapping a photo (I tried to get too fancy with the white balance, the lights were giving me lens flare... if she wasn't making 'seductive face' there'd be nothing redeemable about it at all). Oh, and her brownies are amazing. It's totally worth the cover charge for the brownies alone if you can scam 2.

Heidi was wearing this amazing Judy-Garland-in-The-Wizard-of-Oz dress, except the skirt was about 5 inches long. She completed the outfit with a pair of ruby-red heels.
My first thought when I saw this was:
"If I'm not dating Heidi, then she needs to tell my girlfriend where the Judy Garland fetish boutique is."

The show was excellent - better, even, than the MyOpenBar performance. I realized that I really like the things they do musically, but Heidi's charismatic, borderline-confrontational performance style is the biggest part of what makes them worth watching. So the show was really good but my camera ran out of batteries about 3 songs into the set... which means I have some good photos but I missed out on lots of great ones. I'm still kicking myself over that, because there were some shots I could have had later that were fucking unbelievable. I didn't have a spare battery with me and my camera wasn't charged... guess I forgot to plug it in the night before. Fuck. Sorry. I owe you one (readers, Heidi).

Check out the ones I did take; they're good, there just should be a lot more of them. Please, tell me what you think.
You can see them here.

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