Friday, December 16, 2005

How is he gonna smoke it up? It doesn't even make sense!

The Pitchfork Line of the Day seems to have just disappeared with no apologies. And while I likely don't have the discipline to bring it back in daily form, I need to address some of the brilliance from yesterday's "The 15 Worst Releases of 2005" by Ryan Schreiber.

The Line of the Day from yesterday unquestionably was:
"All heroes falter sooner or later, but most have the common sense not to send imitation Crazy Frogs to the mic to spout lists of 21st century home PC functions over production so phoned in it hangs up on you."

Other contenders included "How is he gonna smoke it up? It doesn't even make sense!," "only at the expense of all human dignity," and "This is some Dante shit."

but Ryan's real genius in this piece:
putting Matisyahu's record on the list, with no other justification than a quote by Sam Endicott. awesome.

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