Sunday, December 04, 2005


On Thursday, when I should have been barely able to stand from the combination of my Wednesday + a busy day at work, I was convinced to go see ZX at the Knitting Factory. which makes sense, because Greg and I are pretty good friends. It was the best I've seen ZX... he seems really comfortable with the material and his string section is really good as well. His closing cover of Devo's Freedom of Choice is a pretty radical, stripped down reinterpretation. I'm looking forward to the album's official release... and there's talk I might be directing the video for the first single.

ZX was followed by Princess. Princess is... hard to describe. I think of Black Dice as being a band that has burned music history and is sculpting something new with the ashes. Princess is like a slasher in Rock and Roll Hall of Hame cutting off fragments and then pasting them on top of one another while rapping about nonsense.

that's a start. nice to see Greg and Dustin and Ben and Cristina. it's already Sunday night and I don't have a party to go to on Monday night... someone should throw a party Monday night. say, at Cake Shop? I'll work on that.


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