Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Why I Am So Wise

This is the thing i forgot:

a few days ago i was in a bookstore killing time with Russo before meeting friends who were seeing a movie. (Actually, Mike and I were supposed to go with them but our friends bought tix ahead of time, while we - didn't). And I stumbled across a book entitled "Why I Am So Wise". I thought, this must be a joke, so I opened it up and looked at the chapter titles. They were:
"Why I Am So Wise"
"Why I Am So Clever"
"Why I Write Such Good Books"
"Why I Am a Destiny"
"Why The Ladies Love It"

ok, the last one was a joke, but otherwise those were the actual chapter titles. Russo thought the book's title should have been "Why I Am So Wise, Bitches." I think he's right.
That Nietzsche was crazy.

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