Friday, August 19, 2005

post-Swedepop DIY HipHop

Robyn: "Konichiwa Bitches"

I never liked this song as much as, say, Fluxtastic, but I thought it was just fine for a listen (maybe two). Apparently, though, I was wrong, because Pitchfork says it's 4.5 stars of goodness.

However, any review that ends with "P.S. to Mr. American Music Executive: Suck it." is alright by me.

Also from the Pitch, updated info on the new/old Gang of Four record. tracklist, etc. Scroll further down to see a tracklist for the new Echo and the Bunnymen record 'Siberia' as well. Both bands have tour dates listed. New Yorkers - November 20th looks like a Killing Moon. plan your life accordingly.

Update: Today's Fluxblog songs are one by Faunts, the most recent signing to Dan Frantic's Friendly Fire Recordings, and one by Brakes, the band that brought you "Heard About Your Band" (available here). I suggest you go listen to those.

Update (again): Correction, Faunts is not the most recent Friendly Fire signing. They signed David & the Citizens (from Sweden) in July.

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