Saturday, August 06, 2005

14 Songs

I saw 9 Songs yesterday and enjoyed it quite a bit. I was sort of surprised at how not-surprised I was by the explicit sex. There were a few moments that I thought were slightly overdone, but overwhelmingly it just felt like a natural portrait of a human relationship's sexuality. It was intimate and, in its way, lovely.

I kept trying to think of it as a romance or a movie about memory. While at times it has hints of those, it was instead mostly a portrait of a couple's relationship (told through that physicality). I wanted it to be that romance or that meditation on memory... my remake would be a memory-romance that acknowledges the tactile senses that intwine with smells and neurons to make the past feel present.

Last night I went to see this LA band Foreign Born, who my west-coast allies have been raving about. They were very worth it. I somehow escaped without a copy of their 5-song EP (2 Songs of which are on their website). They played Pianos (after a gig Thursday opening for Cloud Room at the Mercury Lounge). You should see them if you get the chance, but they're not ready to be changing people's lives.

somehow I ended up going home afterwards...

also discovered the website Superfuture, which is pretty much the greatest city guide ever to lots of hot cities around the globe (Tokyo, NYC, Sydney, Amsterdam, about 150 others). If you're traveling anywhere with an airport, check it out.

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