Wednesday, August 24, 2005

It's official:

"Things have been going crazy!
I've just been to New York, and met up with JayZ and Usher, talking about my music and releasing my album in America. Gonna go and do some recording in the States for some new tunes in October with Missy Elliot's people. So i'm gonna put the album out in both the UK and US at the start of 2006 with the new tunes from America."
- Lady Sov


Mike said...

Dude, I totally know how she feels. The same stuff is going on in my life, except replace "JayZ and Usher" with "Barnes & Noble Manager A and Crazy Bum". Oh, also replace "my music" with "stalking bugs in my apartment". Also replace "recording" with "reading" and "States" with "bathroom". The stuff about Missy Elliot and the UK doesn't need changing suprisingly enough.

Orson said...

Dave, I don't understand any of your posts. They're too hip for me: Sorry (please direct your attention to Mike's blog, where we will now continue our discussion on how best to destroy zombies/each other).