Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Healthy living

Daily Consumption: challah knot, grilled cheese sandwich, french fries, 5 fried pirogies, 9 fake chicken nuggets, chocolate cheesecake, vodka, vodka, vodka, vodka, whiskey, vodka, secondhand smoke (cigarettes, "other"), 1 bottle vitamin water
Time in bed: 3:30 AM
Time alarm went off Tuesday: 6:40 AM
Party that did all the late-night damage: Retail Mafia @ Sway [aka McGovern's; 305 Spring St]
Recommendation: ****
Scene: hip hop for dedicated Monday night set. indie rockers and extras from G-Unit videos. hott dj's. smoke / blaze friendly.
Highlight(s): last (?) hang session with JFro prior to Paris departure. further conversation with Andrea. learning that Sundays are Morrissey night.
Tuesday verdict: I hate myself - when can I go to bed?
Wednesday verdict: See you Monday.


Mike said...

This was a good addition to your blog.

dave said...

thank you.

Mike said...

Meanwhile...I'm getting comments on my blog from a sex-site bot. Now I know I've finally made it.

Rich said...

yes, yes it as a good party. damn good.