Saturday, July 16, 2005


go to Siren (it starts in just a few hours)
I'll go early but may be helping shoot a film that's supposed to shoot in Harlem at like 6, so I may not be there long. or maybe they'll never call me with a time and place. in which case I'm psyched for Dungen, Be Your Own Pet, Saul Williams, Q and Not U, The Dears, and Spoon. Everybody else I'm giving a chance to surprise me (Morningwood? Mates of State?). Last year I came home bright red from the sun. this year I'm expecting a good drenching and possibly another substantial sunburn. something to look forward to.

I'm sorry for the lackluster blogging of late. This documentary is taking up all of my time. Maybe I'll post something worthwhile this weekend. I'm sitting on some prime MP3s that you really need to hear. And maybe I'll finally finish that Jay Z remix I've been working on (no, really).

Call time on this movie was just moved up to 4. Which means I won't even get to see Be Your Own Pet. somebody tell Nick Zinner hi if you see him; I haven't seen him since Siren last year.

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