Friday, July 01, 2005

Ay, there's The Rub

Last night I skipped the Five O' Clock Heroes at Northsix AND the My Favorite show at Rothko in favor of an early trip to my bed.

Pitchfork reviewed one of those new post-Unicorns tracks (the band's called Islands). You can get them both from Simple Mission.

Tonight I'll likely end up at Dan Frantic's birthday party in the 'burg.

Speilberg tackles Israel's Munich '72 Retaliation

O'Connor steps down, sets Congressional Fuse for Supreme Court battle

Iranian President-Elect Former Embassy Hostage-Taker? (I told you he was sketchy)

Saul Williams Mixtape available from Catchdubs.


The Rub is having it's 3 year anniversary tomorrow, right here in the Slope. See kids, it's not all lesbian couples and strollers. And Ayres/11/CB know from remixes - think Diplo without the Sri Lankan girlfriend. Southpaw. 10pm.

I haven't been outside yet today. I'm gonna go work on that.

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