Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Last Days

So, with Last Days coming out soon I suppose now's a good time to post Pagoda mp3s... this is that demo I've been promising to post.

Death to Birth
Song 1
I Do

For now they're up as yousendits, eventually they may get hosted somewhere permanently. [Mike, if you want them to come down let me know].

My thoughts on a Pagoda show from June (actually, just Mike solo) here.

The NYC premiere of the movie was last night (along with a Pianos afterparty), but I couldn't go. I'm currently being killed by this documentary that needs to be finished by Friday. Not sure if Gus was there but apparently Michael and Jamie were there, as were Thurston and Kim and Lukas Haas. I'd really have loved to meet Thurston and Kim, find out if Jamie has a band together yet, and what Michael's up to (musically and otherwise).

Last Days starts playing at the Sunshine (on Houston) on Friday.

The Alloy Orchestra, featuring Roger Miller (Mission of Burma) on keyboards, will perform Thurs. July 21 in Brooklyn, NY, at Prospect Park. They'll be accompanying a screening of the 1925 version of "The Phantom of the Opera", starring Lon Chaney. The show is FREE and starts at dark.

For more about the Alloy Orchestra, check out their website.

if you're in kansas city on saturday, Text of Light [Roger Miller / Lee Ranaldo / William Hooker / Alan Licht] will be improvising to Stan Brakhage films at The Ferenheit Gallery.

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Mike said...

Just a quick question: is this pic pre-drum-kit-construction or post-session-smash-fest?