Monday, July 18, 2005

Monday, monday

film shoot went well

my screenplay progresses

A musical playing in London's West End is based on the music of the Smiths

now that JFro is back on the NYC scene for a while, I'll be working (even) less and stumbling drunk around the LES (even) more. places where you can maybe stalk me:
this Wednesday at Southpaw for CYHSY (with Saints and Lovers opening), the occassional Orchard Bar Friday or Luke + Leroy's Saturday; outdoor benches on the east end of Rivington (sunny sundays); and yes, sometimes in Brooklyn.

I've been promising multimedia content for a while now... I don't have any server space set up right now so it'll have to be pretty limited (if you have some server space you want to donate to my hosting email me). I'm hoping to remedy this soon.

Diplo's remix of "Maps", from his impossible-to-find Live in Montreal set, actually improves on the already-mindblowing original. enjoy.

Here's the Y£$ Mix of Annie's "Always Too Late"

Here's a (new) track from Kano, who seems poised to be the next Dizzee Rascal (i.e. the new face of grime): "We Have A Problem". This track's an online exclusive.

also, soon you'll get to hear that Pagoda demo I picked up when I saw Mike play solo at Pianos.


Mike said...

Not ultra-wild about the Diplo version of Maps. I'm still pretty hung up on the Acoustic version. I'm a sucker for unplugged warbling. The Annie track is pretty business though.

I'm excited about this multimedia content you mention. Maybe someday my blog will also advance to the level of mid-90's technology. For now I'm gonna stick with angry text and on the other hand should GFI!

dave said...

clarification: the above is not the 'mike' i saw play at pianos.

i always wanted to hear johnny cash cover maps... my version sounds like i imagine his would (if new order was his backing band)