Friday, July 29, 2005

Glamorous Life

sorry about the hiatus; with JFro back in town this week's been hectic
saw Shingo and Jacque's band on Thursday in a show reminiscent of the dingier rooms of Eclectic
it made me long for the high school hardcore past I never had

Stereogum has some awesome free (+ legal) mp3s you should check out. Engineers! Caribou! Oxford Collapse!

thank you, Manohla, for this little bit of brilliance to brighten my day:
"What makes "The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai" so unusual isn't the rape that turns into a seduction (a pink-movie trope), but the infusion of global politics amid all the panting. The plot hinges on a woman who, after a bullet becomes lodged in her brain, turns into a genius nymphomaniac implicated in a doomsday scenario featuring President Bush."


Mike said...

Wow, this is really weird. I google'd "High School Hardcore" and this blog post came up. The circle is now complete

dave said...

great, i have 1 reader and he googles phrases like "high school hardcore". this blog is awesome.