Sunday, January 15, 2006

Johnny Boy album updates

OK, so I'm sure you remember seeing Pitchfork's news item about the new Johnny Boy album.

You may also know that Johnny Boy played a gig at the Debaser in Stockholm on Dec 27.
I had the pass up the invite but you can see someone else's photos, or read the setlist:
Johnny Boy Theme
Fifteen Minutes
Livin' In The City
War On Want
Bonnie Parker's 115th Dream
All Exits Final
You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes Any You Get What You Deserve

I'm not sure who the supporting musicans are bit I know they're playing with a 4-piece lineup nowadays, as of the Access All Areas Fest in November at the Kulturhuset in Stockholm [pix].

The band also reports that Martin Scorcese likes their music.

This post was inspired by Fluxblog's recent posting of a song from the new album.

As far as the album's US release... check the import bin.

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