Sunday, January 01, 2006

catching up

getting back on the interweb after an [unplanned] extended holiday hiatus

before I get started:
I finally got artound the watching the video of the Arcade Fire and U2 perform “Love Will Tear Us Apart” at a live show... Bono spent most of it crouching down, not singing, loooking like he’d never heard it before (as best as I could tell through amateur shakycam)... Win doesn’t do the song justice either, but seriously, Bono, if you don’t know the words, don’t join in for the final chorus and then sing it like it’s ‘Happy Birthday’. It’s fucking Ian Curtis - show some respect.
I'd put up a link, but seriously - don't bother.

things to look forward to (if you’re into that sort of thing):
revised/expanded Links
a look at Oliver Stone’s Alexander
the truth about the Da Vinci Code
the year in music 2005 (all the way to the end)

things to check out:
This list of the top 50 music videos of '05

things to do:
nurse your hangover

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