Monday, January 09, 2006


Slate exposes the Starbucks price scam.

I was gonna say 'oh, I wonder who this is??', but the Jesse Camp guess had me at 'doubtful'

DVD, McSweeney's style: Wholpin brings you short-form video content from Miguel Arteta and Miranda July, David O. Russell, Spike Jonze, Turkish sitcoms, etc, etc.

It looks good, but I would be shocked - shocked - if it has anything half as awesome as The 'Bu. please watch episodes 1 through 8 in order immediately.
from the lads who brought you Lazy Sunday.

also from the Dudes:
The new hit song from the Bing Bong Brothers

I haven't gotten around to seeing either cut of Awesometown yet, but it's on the radar. trust me.

JT Leroy - officially outed as a hoax, pretty much. c'mon, folks, it's time to own up. most of us knew it way back when, and now the jig is officially up.

how, or why, is a jig actually up? does that mean it's time to stop dancing?
if so, rest those feet until Thursday. you'll need all your energy for the We Are Scientists show. or the afterparty [@Rothko]. or at least, to dance on some bartop after you get drunk on (not-so) cheap wine here.


Freedom Fighter said...

The Lonely Island people are AWESOME. Awesometown is funny, for the most part, but you should check, the group that LI made The 'Bu for. They're genius and in Los Angeles.

dave said...

the channel 101 folks have an awesome idea that i hope catches on. like, the NYC version, Channel 102 (