Sunday, January 29, 2006

Down and Out in Brooklyn

Help out Kathryn Yu's Wrens documentary

Urban Outfitters vs. Johnny Cupcakes
Update: This site used to have some really-ought-to-sue evidence on the suckiness of UO, but now it's back to good old awesome shirts. pick yourself up a valentine's day special shirt for that person who you want to buy things for.

Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers have made their first album "Psalterie" freely available for download. I haven't gotten it yet but I like their newer stuff so I'm on the way.

Chan Marshall is like the prettiest most amazing girl ever.
further proof

Apologies to Bryce, who has a really cool interview here.

And also to Natalie, who's got my provisional 2nd favorite movie of 2006 coming out soon-ish.

The reason it's my 2nd favorite:
The news of Sundance, as far as I'm concerned: Warner Independent's pickup of "The Science of Sleep," Michel Gondry's whimsical, trilingual surrealist romance with Gael García Bernal and Charlotte Gainsbourg. I can't imagine a premise more likely to get me to buy a ticket.

There's still time to see A Brilliant Play By John McEnroe, a play in which Ben Simington has an acting-role.

You can get some clutch DFA Radio Mixes (James, James, Juan) here.

Nick Sylvester sometimes calls the South Beach Diet the "South Bitch Diet." He also wrote a piece about hipsters who work out.

funny that the same day (a while back) that I read a piece citing Sontag’s Notes on Camp that I run across this:

Artic Monkeys news coming tomorrow, I (almost) promise.

OK, so some New York Times article talking about some book I don't care about said this:
"The plot sounds like one of those old folktales, in which a stranger knocks on the door of a house and asks for shelter from the storm — or says he has lost his way or claims he's an expected guest. His arrival is a test of generosity or gullibility or gumption, and it will forever change the lives of the occupants of the house.
A variation on this plot was used by Jean Renoir in his 1932 film "Boudu Saved From Drowning" and by Paul Mazursky in "Down and Out in Beverly Hills," his 1986 remake of "Boudu." Another variation was used by Pier Paolo Pasolini in his 1968 movie "Teorema," starring Terence Stamp as the mysterious stranger who seduces nearly everyone in the house before exiting their lives."

wait what? "his 1986 remake of Boudu"???


Foreign Born has released 2 demo recordings of songs expected to be on their album...

Chomsky says There Is No War On Terror.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Miami bass but were afraid to ask. Go ahead and ask already.

if you made it this far, go get yourself a cookie


Mike Russo said...

Dude, thanks for the P+TADS heads-up. I've heard some of the stuff off that disc but not all of it. So all of it is doubleplusgood.

Also, "Photojournalism" has like an extra html tag in its ahrefness. Which is too bad because your readers could be missing out on the portapotty hotness.

Also, Chomsky is right. Unfortunately, G-SAVE didn't catch on; much catchier than GWOT.

Also, I have no cookie to get.

Also, it occurs to me that if you're not familiar with A Softer World, you should get familiar with A Softer World.

dave said...


i'll get familiar, i promise.

seriously, go to a store and buy yourself a cookie. it's on me.

dave said...

also, GTT has earned a coverted spot in my links due to those pictures of a skating monkey