Tuesday, September 20, 2005

When I say S-O, you say VEE. S-O, VEE, S-O, VEE

Lady Sov. at webster hall.

she comes on stage dressed in a yellow adidas tracksuit. some clown calls her a 'bloody chav' in a (bad) fake english accent. she says, 'yeah, i love it'. then shows off the Union Jack on her underwear and gives her own bottom a solid slap. take that, chav guy. (that Union Jack made one or two other appearances on the night).

she rhymes over a dj mashup of the instrumental versions of The Whisper Song and Hollaback Girl.

she spits faster than anyone (possibly including Twista?) on the crazily sped up version of Public Warning.

she leads the crowds in the call-and-response listed above

she just totally kills.

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