Thursday, September 15, 2005

CMJ Vol. 1

Last night went to see Asobi Seksu at Crash Mansion. Saw Dan Frantic there (as expected, they were the first band signed to his label). Was nice to see him if only briefly. He gave me a copy of the new Faunts record High Expectations/Low Results that I haven't had time to check out (due out October 18). Check out a Faunts track (via Fluxblog) here.

Controller Controller had to cancel for the show due to a burst appendix on the part of... someone from Controller Controller. Some really bad band played instead, i'v ealready pushed them out of my memory but it confirmed my belief that you should need a license to cover any song by Iggy and the Stooges. Asobi Seksu was as good as i've seen them. They've got 2 new poeple in the band... a new drummer and bassist. I really liked that the rhythm section was higher in the mix than the last show I went to. Apparently this was the first show with the new members, but I thought they worked well together.

I'm skipping The OC tonight to see Lady Sov instead. I really need a TiVo.

If I don't leave now i won't make Lady Sov. peace.

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