Friday, September 02, 2005

On Returning

Chris Lemon-Red Nelson has a terrific interview with Diplo that just got published in The Boston Phoenix. Best thing I gleaned from that - Piracy Funds Terrorism Vol. 2 is closer than I thought.
Also, check out the September installment of the Lemon-Red mix series... I'm not so into the Caps and Jones thing, but CLR likes it, so give it a shot.

The company College Prowler publishes individual guides to 200 top colleges.
The books are written by current students for prospective college students, designed to answer questions like:
• "Is Wesleyan University the right place for me?"
• "Will I be happy at Wesleyan University if I decide to accept their offer?"
• "Should I even apply for admission to Wesleyan University?"

Best line from the Wesleyan edition:
"Is it true they have naked parties? Is it true they do drugs? Is it true they sip foreign tea and talk about socialism? Yes, yes, and yes."

JLT likes Kanye, and I like his pink sweater. Smart about music in '05.

Zach Vowell saw Jandek the other day and published a great review in Pitchfork here. (I, on the other hand, was shut out of tickets for the NYC show by about 30 seconds. again.)

The New York Times published a piece yesterday entitled The Pitch: A Series About Wacky Terrorists."
The opening joke: "Abu, Ahmed, Musab and Salar, a cell of Islamic terrorists sent to Chicago by a nefarious network resembling Al Qaeda, are getting chewed out by their murderous boss, just in from Afghanistan. (They have been spending the organization's money like crazy but haven't blown anything up.) Just then, two deliverymen knock on the apartment door, bearing a huge flat-screen TV."
I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. I described the show to my roommate and she said it sounded like "Arrested Development with terrorists." Which I guess explains why I like the idea so much. And also why it'll never get made. If anyone has a copy of the script for this show (called "The Cell"), please email me right away. If anyone knows Mark Jordan Legan or Mark F. Wilding, tell them it should be produced for the web and released on DVD. Stuff that risky won't fit on advertiser-supported TV, but that doesn't mean it's not genius.

I still haven't reflected on my favorite moments of (watching) the VMAs (on television), except for a brief wordless response to R.Kelly's psycho-ambitious-spoken-pop-radio-opera thing. So I have to get around to that. Sadly, MTV won't let me watch the VMAs on my computer because Windows Media Player's Mac version doesn't have DRM. maybe someone can hack the code and I can download the My Chemical Romance and Kelly Clarkson performances. Anyone?

It's really nice outside; I'm gonna take my iPod and Touching From A Distance and go lay in the park.

Oh yeah... Kate Bush has a new album on the way.

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