Thursday, September 29, 2005

CMJ Fri/Sat

Fri -

the last song of Windsor for the Derby (they're really good)
a set by Tyondai Braxton
Big Bear

Ty was great. Sitting on the ground as usual. I've seen him better but I enjoyed his set a lot.
Big Bear was really fucking loud. in a metal way, but artier. I'd call them "post-metal noise" but anyone in those scenes would say I'm using the wrong terminology. I'm afraid my knowledge of that stuff is all from the avant-side of things, so I don't know what the metal kids would say. but they were loud.
Wilderness - I thought I'd like them a lot. Instead, I only liked them. The one song of theirs that I know - "Arkless" - was the one I liked the best. Is it that I just need to get acclimated to their songs? Not really, since they all sound pretty similar. And the singer was moving like everything was in slow motion. he seemed to not be used to fronting a band, like he was trying to learn how. You should never be practicing fronting a band, you should just go up there and lose control... he didn't do that.

Sat -

worked late. 'til like 2 AM. met Jean at the Knitting Factory for CMJ closing night party. witnessed a bit of karaoke but mostly hung out in the Ladytron dj-ed upstairs. stayed out... late.

went into recovery mode until the Tuesday (I think) Apartment show at the Mercury Lounge... that deserves its own post. i'll be caught up soon, I swear.

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