Sunday, May 08, 2005

When I used to go out I would know everyone I saw. Now I go out with Ben if I go out at all.

Yesterday, I'm walking down 7th Avenue in Brooklyn, vaguely headed towards Beacon's Closet on 5th, playing a live version of New Dawn Fades on my iPod, when some madman behind me starts clapping his hands really, really loud. I keep walking and then Ben Simington comes around in front of me. (I can't believe I didn't recognize the famous Simington clap). Which led to me spending hours with ben and 2 of his friends. we went to eat at Cafe Steinhof and nearly went to see the Mountain Goats but instead checked out the Basquiat exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum (free the 1st Sat night of the month). On the 3rd Floor, Fab Five Freddy was DJ'ing a dance party- yes, inside the museum - that didn't impress me nearly as much as the Basquiat (I'll have to go back, 'cause I only really got to see half of the pieces). My favorite of the ones I saw: a checklist on a sheet of paper, drizzled in the artists' blood and speckles of paint, containing the following choices:
[] Mickey Mouse
[] Samo
[] (a barcode pasted onto the sheet)
[] Swastika
[] Theyre All the Same!!

Another highlight - the adjacent piece, a collage with two officials standing by a podium, mouths replaced by different mouths, with the following written above: "We have concluded that the bullet was traveling very fast"
With J-M, everything is a shot at money or power or race or sex or colonization. He's so rebellious and brutally funny. And he doesn't (ok, didn't) give a fuck. He's So Awesome.

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