Friday, May 06, 2005

The Modern Age

I've finally joined it. After what seems like years of not having one (well, it was), got an iPod.

I had a good computer but it was super oldschool [remember the orange iBooks??], too old to run iTunes, and I couldn't upgrade it without shelling out, so I was holding out 'til I bought a new computer to get one. I finally did... and my iPod is beyond indespensible.

I've been getting all this crazygood free downloadable shit by amazing reggae/hiphop/grime djs and listening to it while reading A Brief History of Time on the subway. Including (finally) getting a full copy of Piracy Funds Terrorism (amazing), single track grime mixes by Dizzee and others, and Diplo's Favela on Blast. And you though I just liked Joy Division...

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