Friday, May 13, 2005

Le Blog Cinématographique

The 58th Cannes Film Festival is up and running. I'm not there. Hopefully by next year someone will be able to get me a white pass. At least Manohla Daris and A.O. Scott from the New York Times are there writing a blog. I think both Manohla and A.O. come across much better in that conversational style, and I love how frequently it's updated and how much they let us in to their personal experiences of the Festival. Maybe I'm just prejudiced against the formal constraints of news writing and it's once-a-day-if-you're-lucky schedule, but I keep thinking if the two of them just blogged like this constantly, watching 2 or 3 movies a day and having it be their job to tell us their personal stories and their film thoughts, then it would be the best thing on the web.

Actually, that's what I should be doing. Listening to music and watching movies and going out, and writing about all of the above and occasionally sleeping. I think I am SO well qualified to do that with intelligence and wit. Actually, there are a few people who have that job, and I'm very jealous of them.

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