Friday, March 03, 2006

Ian, Resurrected

Photo © Anton Corbjin

It's official: Sam Riley is playing Ian Curtis in the forthcoming film Control

Some excerpts from the memo I got:

"Sam Riley has been cast as lead singer Ian Curtis and Alexandra Maria Lara as his lover Annik on music video director Anton Corbijn's Control, his fact-based debut feature on UK post-punk band Joy Division.

It is a first big role for newcomer Riley – the troubled Curtis was in his early 20s when he committed suicide in 1980 – whereas Lara played Hitler's secretary in Downfall and has just finished work on Francis Ford Coppola's Youth By Youth alongside Bruno Ganz and Tim Roth.

It was already known that Samantha Morton would play Deborah Curtis, who wrote the book on which Matt Greenhalgh's script is based.

The Control team is still closing finance but hopes to being shooting in mid-2006 in Manchester, Macclesfield and other areas of England."

I am excited. Alexandra Platareanu will be great as Annik (she's originally Romanian, and that's her given name). If you haven't seen Downfall, here's what she looks like:

Talented, adorable, etc.

And, this new guy has definitely got the look.

Plus, Sam as Deborah... I get more excited about this by the day.

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