Monday, October 10, 2005


Somehow I missed this but:

NO NEW YORK is being re-released on CD. comes out Nov. 15.
I can finally trade in my scratched CD copy of someone's cassette dub, and stop hunting through the compilation bins at every used record store I go in. Now I can actually buy a copy.

Some website - preferrably one run by people with more time - should have a 'Pitchfork Line of the Day' feature. So, possibly as the first in this (very irregular) series, I propose:

"You can also hear Lambchop main man Kurt Wagner warbling on "Give It", the latest single from dance music titans X-Press 2. That's gotta be weird: It's 3 a.m. at your fave superclub, you're grinding with Paris Hilton, and all of a sudden you hear Kurt Wagner. Must be the ecstasy."

To listen to the song without the ecstacy or without Paris Hilton (or both), snag it here. And maybe you'll get to hear it this Saturday (with one or both of those things?) if you go to this.

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