Monday, October 24, 2005

Pitchfork line of the day, Vol. 2

This feature is for real starting now.

Today's gem:
"Doom and Danger Mouse are planning a tour for 2006, and Doom hopes they can have Adult Swim characters on stage and in costume. He told Billboard, 'I haven't met the human beings behind these voices, so to me, it's still just Meatwad. Everyone should be in costume. If I'm going to have them on the record, I have to have them on the tour.' The Smokin' Grooves tour meets Disney on Ice? Start hoarding LSD now."

Update: I can't believe I missed this from Friday:
"If my screenplay about two Japanese kids abducting Robert Pollard and ending up in a police standoff on a Chicago train ever gets filmed, no expense will be spared to ensure that 'Dream Baby Dream' plays over the closing credits."
- from the intense and moving "Puritan Blister #10: The Month In: Suicide" by William Bowers

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