Thursday, October 27, 2005

I Skip More Parties Than I Actually Attend

Didn’t make it to Shindig! last night. Why? Well, no one in my immediate vicinity could be convinced to go, and I intented to go anyway and meet people there, but I was tired at 930/10 and decided to stay in (this happens every night). Then, around 1230/1, I got a burst of energy that kept me up for 3 hours (this also happens every night). This proves that I should not be staying in and trying to sleep, but instead should be out attending all the parties I talk about and eventually skip. Because I’ll be up anyway.

If not the above scenario, then some other last-minute event always comes up that I end up moving to. At this point, if you want to see me at a party – even if I have raved about how great it’s going to be, and how sure I am to be there – you pretty much have to make a special request.

I haven’t had time to post a Pitchfork Line of the Day in a while, so I’m combining The Tuesday and Wednesday editions. So:

“This album will be over before you're finished reading this review. There, it's finished. Did you miss it? It's very short.”

Though Pete L'Official’s Peedi Peedi tryptich has some moments, too.

In today’s Pitchfork Line of the Day, a news article about Islands tour dates and their upcoming debut album quotes Nick Diamonds (of Islands, formerly of the Unicorns). From the article: "Diamonds dropped some hints about the upcoming album's contributors: "Everyone in the Arcade Fire, everyone in Wolf Parade, except for the drummers and Win Butler, everyone in Bell Orchestre, except for the drummer, we already have a good drummer."" Followed by:
"He added, "No one is allowed to step on J'aime's toes and Win's not allowed to step on mine." Yeah, that would really hurt, given how frickin' tall Win Butler is."

I pretty much still find it weird/awesome when Win gets name-dropped, so this had a big edge with me. It will probably stay surreal for quite some time. But I've been over that before. Although I also liked the use of the name “Super Awesome Fun Kapranos Machine” to describe Franz Ferdinand, party band. Superfantastiche.

This afternoon I’m off to buy a winter coat. I think it's about time.

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