Thursday, June 02, 2005

Is Pianos cool again?

You remember that movie The Dreamers?
Bertolucci's flawed-but-beautiful rehashing of the French New Wave?
The one with the hot people having sex?
Well last night one of them (Brooklynite Michael Pitt, also from Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Gus van Sant's new movie Last Days) played at Pianos with his band Pagoda
Pictures at The Modern Age
I think they're playing the next few Wednesdays as well, though I'm not sure
Pagoda MP3's available here

in other Pianos related news:
THE FUTUREHEADS are playing FOR FREE Monday June 6 @ 6pm (though I've also seen 6:30) in the upstairs lounge,
before their show at Webster Hall. To get tix you've got to go to a Swatch store and pick them up.
Tickets are first come first serve (apparently)

Swatch stores in New York:
Times Square / 72nd & Columbus / Soho / Noho

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