Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Futureheads acoustic / various music news

Last night I went to the acoustic Futureheads show upstairs at Pianos. It was a pretty well amplified set for an acoustic set; they played most of my fave songs off the album and also Dorian Grey, which was kind of a highlight. Not as much of a highlight as everyone's favorite Kate Bush cover, but great nonetheless. Actually, both Ben Simington and one member of Architecture in Helsinki have lamented that the Futureheads took their genius idea of which Kate Bush song to cover. As it stands, AiH apparently has a backup plan ("Army Dreamers"), while Ben has been pushing his version of "Hounds of Love" in weirder directions (or so I hear). I don't have any pictures from the show but I'm sure they're around. A (gorgeous) girl in front of me in a yellow t-shirt seemed to get a lot of good shots, including some pictures of her with the lads in the band; if I find those I promise a link. All The Young Mod Soldiers posted the setlist.

Other news:
The Shout Out Louds and Fox & Wolf are playing at the Tribeca Grand this Friday. Word is this show is acoustic, too. You should totally go. RSVP to rsvp@svenskapop.com.

Also, Prefix has put up a pretty comprehensive list of this summer's free NYC shows.

P.S. - No I wasn't at MisShapes this weekend. Sorry to disappoint.

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