Tuesday, April 25, 2006


The website lala.com is new, and works like this:
You become a member. tell them what CDs you have and what CDs you want. Someone requests a CD from your list and you send it out (though you can always decline and decide to keep it). Then someone else sends you a CD from your want list. You pay $1 to the website (20% of which goes to the artist) and 49¢ shipping per cd.
This is amazing.

Basically, there's someone out there who wants my No Doubt CD that I bought 11 years ago, and I just sit and wait for someone else to send me, say, the new Animal Collective or some old Swans record.

I love this already.

Membership is by invitation only; the invite system isn't set up yet but will be up and running soon. So if you're interested in joining, drop me a line and when invites become available I'll send you one.

I've already got Sketches of Spain en route; if only I didn't leave all my never-listened-to CDs in back Boston... from now on I'm buying any used CD under $5.

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Max said...

oh yes please!
max goldblatt