Saturday, February 11, 2006

Vessel States

listen to a track from the new Wilderness album - the album's called "Vessel States" and the track is called "Emergency." I like it a lot. This track maybe points in a more satisfying direction than the last album (though I really liked the darkness of "Arkless").

"Vessel States" comes out on April 11th, 2006. The band will be in March in Europe and touring North America in April and May (with label-mates Parts and Labor).

Prior to that, though, they'll be playing Cake Shop on next friday and saturday (2/17, 2/18).

Track-listing for "Vessel States" CD (Jagjaguwar, JAG093)

1. The Blood Is On The Wall
2. Beautiful Alarms
3. Emergency
4. Last
5. Fever Pitch
6. Death Verses
7. Towered
8. Gravity Bent Light
9. Monumental

The first (self-titled) Wilderness record will be available on Double-LP In March. For MP3s you can keep ("Emergency" included), go to the Jagjaguwar website

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