Friday, April 29, 2005

my band...

So last week, I went to see Heidi at Whistle who cuts my hair. I hadn't been in there since December or so, but she remembered me and lots of things about me. She recommended bands to me based on bands she knew I liked, and needed a reminder about what I did for work but had the general idea. She had two minor misconceptions though. For one, she though I was 'hanging out with' the girl from the kind of slutty girl from the Philly Real World. I did maybe mention my friends-of-friends Real World connections the last time, so that seemed plausibly close. But she also said to me "Didn't I see you guys [i.e., my band] play a benefit show at Pianos in like December?" I played it like I don't remember, like it was a long time ago and I really wasn't sure if we did or didn't. Only, I wasn't in a band in December (or now, for that matter). She seems to have me confused with someone. and I can't think of who.

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